Listed below is a sample of useful resources, which address some of the social and psychological issues of global warming, its effects, its mitigation and our adaptation.


1. Climate Change and the Coast – Bruce Glavovic from Massey University
2. Climate Wars – Gwynne Dyer.
3. Storms of My Grandchildren – James Hansen.
4. This Changes Everything – Naomi Klein.
5. Time of Useful Consciousness – Ralph Chapman from V.U.W.
6. Why are we waiting: The Logic, Urgency & Promise of Tackling Climate Change – Lord Nicholas Stern.
7. Climate Change, What Everyone Needs to Know – John Abraham.
8. The Sixth Extinction – Elizabeth Colbert.
9. The Great Disruption: How the Climate Crisis Will Transform the Global Economy – Paul Gilding.
10. Living in a Warmer World: How a Changing Climate Will Affect Our Lives – Jim Salinger.
11. Atmosphere of Hope: Searching for Solutions to the Climate Crisis – Tim Flannery.
12. Prosperity without Growth: Economics for a Finite Planet. – Tim Jackson.
13. The Transition Handbook. Creating Local Sustainable Communities Beyond Oil Dependency. – Rob Hopkins.
14. The End of Nature – Bill McKibben.
15. Growth Shock – Robert Fanney.
16. Oct – Nov NZ Geographic. Article – “Rising Seas”
17. Nov. National Geographic. Article – “Cool It”
18. The Ecology of Commerce: A Declaration of Sustainability by Paul Hawken. It deals with how a government can use taxation as a way of forcing business activity into climate supportive action.


  1. Ocean warming:
  2. Arctic Methane Emergency Group.
  3. Debunking Climate Change myths
  4. Multiple interesting articles on climate reality
  5. James Hansen blogs, lectures etc.
  6. David Wasdell: Apollo-Gaia Project
  7. The Deep South Science Challenge, hosted by NIWA, is a research collaboration between Crown Research Institutes, universities and other research providers in NZ.
  8. Animated history of CO2
  9. The People’s Demands.
  10. Sea Level Rise Report.
  11. Popular site on global warming
  12. Psychological impacts of Climate Change
  13. Journal dealing with specifically NZ consequences of climate change


1. ‘2 Degrees’ – Ange Palmer.
2. ‘The Age of Stupid’ – Franny Armstrong.
3. ‘Force of Nature’ – David Suzuki.
4. ‘Cowspiracy’ – Leonardo DiCaprio

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