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Marlborough Earth Day Party

“Celebrating all that is renewable, sustainable, healthy and carbon zero in Marlborough”

A & P Park – 10am to 3pm,  Saturday 21st April 2018

Come celebrate International Earth Day and the Global March for Science with us, at Marlborough's Earth Day Party...

This exciting free event brings together the best of Marlborough businesses, music, art, and the local community, to showcase the benefits of renewable energy and transportation, low carbon technologies, sustainable food production, plant-based diets, and the importance of conserving Marlborough’s flora and fauna for future generations.

Exhibitions, demonstrations and stalls include:

 >  Renewable energy (solar, wind and hydropower)
 >  Electric transportation (e-bikes, electric cars & motorbikes)
 >  Electric power tools (powered mowers, weed eaters, chainsaws etc.)
 >  Sustainable agriculture, viticulture and forestry practices
 >  Conservation of our native wildlife
 >  Local purveyors of organic drinks and whole-foods
 >  Music and entertainment

Discover why going electric, and becoming more sustainable, is a step into the future, not a compromise! 

Marlborough Earth Day Party

Above are just a couple of the local exhibitors with their e-vehicles. Come along and check them out (or even try them out!).

As New Zealand faces the challenge of transitioning from fossil fuels towards a cleaner, carbon zero future, we must now re-imagine and re-engineer our economy and our way of living, to place lower demands on the planet’s finite resources.

Earth Day will give children, mums ‘n’ dads, grandparents, local businesses, community leaders and political representatives an opportunity to learn how to meet that challenge by adopting low carbon technologies. These include vehicles and equipment, along with taking steps to reduce emissions of carbon and other harmful waste products by making positive changes to our lifestyles. In doing so we can help preserve our beautiful environment, wildlife, and stabilise our climate.

So come to the party, bring the family, and enjoy some healthy food, drink and entertainment. Learn what you can do to help save the world while having fun on Earth Day 2017.

For further information, or to get involved, contact Peter Deacon: 021 210 7769 / 03 572 9645 or

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